News: 2017 - 2018 Season

Last week we had a fantastic set of middle and high school games and were able to give out 10 ARFC hoodies. As well, we would like to thank Helm's Mobile Kitchen for providing gift certificates to our players of the game! The ARFC would like to congratulate all the players for getting on the pitch for their school teams and we want to welcome them all to the ARFC in late August when our youth and senior teams start play.

Players of the week (and one from last week)

  • Kaelen Grell - Mouat Jr. Boys
  • Jacky Quang - Yale Jr. Boys
  • Kalem Burns - Yale Sr. Boys
  • Jordyn Witter - Fraser Girls
  • Julia Price - Reimer Girls
  • Lucas Schulz - Bateman Sr. Boys
  • Luis Martinez - Reimer Boys
  • Lockhart MacGregor - Abby Middle Boys
  • Alyssa Meade - Abby Middle Girls
  • Josh McLeod - Mouat Sr. Boys

Thanks to our presenters: Jake Buskell, Dilpreet Chahal, Erin Skillings, Pawan Grewal, Steph Weibe, Chad Radons, Sam Carlton, and Chris Gilding

For the photos click the following link:

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