News: 2017 - 2018 Season

Ashlynn Smith has been a standout rookie for the ARFC this year.  Jumping straight from high school last year into a key role for the ARFC women has been a big challenge and she has had no problem fitting right in.  In addition to the ARFC, Ashlynn also has been playing and studying at UFV.  Ashlynn and the ARFC women had a big win yesterday beating United 60-22. They travel to take on rivals, Lomas next Saturday in the Div. 1 provincial semi-final.

High School: Abbotsford Senior
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Drink: Cranberry Juice
Favorite TV Show: Gossip Girl
Joined rugby: Grade 10

player profile ASWhat made you join?
- I was looking for something that would help me meet new people and something I would have to constantly work towards

Favorite rugby memory on the field?
- the first women's game I ever played, I was no nervous to be playing up with the age and experience range. But once I stepped on the field everyone was so uplifting and it helped me to shake off how nervous I was.

Favorite rugby memory off the field?
-Touring Ireland with the BC U18. I met some lifelong friends.

Favorite rugby player to watch?
-Portia Woodman. She's just a beast and watching her break people's ankle is my favorite

What do you like most about being with the Abbotsford Rugby Club?
-I love how accepting and supportive people are of me, as well as helping me grow as a player by sharing their experience.

How did you balance playing UFV 7s, ARFC 15s, as well as being a student?
- Dedication and wanting to prove to myself I can handle a big work load.

Finally, what are your rugby goals?
- To continue to play provincial rugby and hopefully one day team Canada!

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